Healthcare Communications Agency of the Year

We are INNOTIO, an ambitious agency designed with the healthcare market in mind. Since our foundation in 2008, the company has strived to make healthcare communications exceed expectations, driving efficiency and effectiveness for clients throughout the medical market.

Over the last 18 years, we have partnered with a broad range of companies, from large pharma healthcare and biotech teams to non-profit medical associations. We provide strategic communication platforms, corporate identity design, large-scale medical writing, expert panels, exhibitions, and hospitality services. From strategic thinking to state-of-the-art execution, all of these comprehensive services are designed with the client in mind and tailored to meet the specific requirements of their therapeutic field or business. ‘Solutions and Execution’ is our motto, and this is central to our success. 

Today, INNOTIO is a multi-award-winning communications agency at the top of its game, specializing in reimagining scientific, brand, and corporate communication solutions to meet the demands of evolving medical environments. On top of this, our proactive approach to social media communications and industry engagement where and when it matters ensures we stay ahead of the curve. Cutting-edge technology is increasingly being developed within the medical industry and practitioners, researchers and patients look forward to the benefits these innovations will bring. While we understand the significance of such developments, we also believe that preserving the personal touch within the services we offer is of paramount importance.

With a portfolio of long-standing clients, partners, and a team of experts boasting more than 25 years of industry experience, it’s this innovative, client-focused approach that we attribute to our success. As well, our leadership’s focus on encouraging creativity in all of the agency’s output has been the driving force behind INNOTIO’s impressive expansion year on year.

The judges were highly impressed by our varied portfolio. Judge Andrew Walsh said: “INNOTIO’s impressive wide-ranging expertise allows them to be the only contact needed for top-end healthcare communication services.

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Corporate Live Wire – Innotio GmbH wins Healthcare Communications Agency of the Year