Our latest social project: supporting the Association “Jeje&Lele 0551”!

INNOTIO has a long tradition of supporting young people. Not only do we recruit fresh career-starters and nurture their personal development. Our sense of social responsibility has also always focused especially on young, committed members of society.

Examples? For years, we’ve been supporting a school in Sri Lanka. We also regularly cooperate with the charity Malteser Hilfsdienst in their integration drives for girls and young women from a migrant background.

And now our latest project: At the beginning of 2020, our French roots led us to Jeremy and Leanne from France. This year, they plan to take their Renault 4L on a special journey: “Les Enfants du Desert”.

Alongside the 1,600 participants in this rally, they will drive from Biarritz over the Spanish border to Morocco. The most important leg is via Marrakesh into the desert in aid of the “Children of the Desert”:

It’s all about reaching villages and schools in the Moroccan desert to deliver school materials urgently needed in these remote areas.

The initiative is backed by the International Red Cross, which ensures the aid really does end up where it helps the most.

Our team has already collected school materials and clothing, and we’re happy to have this opportunity to also fund “Jeje&Lele0551” so they can hit the road for such a good cause.

It’s a win-win because it helps the two develop personally and the children of the desert to improve their lives.

Here’s wishing Jeremy and Leanne a great experience and a successful trip!

To track their progress, simply drop in to our social network channels and our website!

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