What other companies use as a mere marketing catchword is a true expression of our life and work philosophy: Much more than a chapter in our image brochure, corporate social responsibility is not a side matter, but lies at the core of who we are. That means: every day, whatever we do, our focus is on acting sustainably – in an eco-friendly, cost-effective and socially responsible way. We have been operating our network of partners for more than 20 years. This alone shows that you, our suppliers and our business associates can trust us. Rather than spending excessive time and money on advertising, we prefer to invest in nurturing stable relationships and advancing our team for a bright future. It’s standard practice for us to hold meetings over Skype and phone – to avoid unnecessary travel and the damage it does to the environment. That’s also why we use public transport whenever possible. INNOTIO loves green events that involve locally-sourced food, fair-trade commodities and venues with integration policies. We take every opportunity to raise ecological awareness. It’s good to know where the T-shirts we wear for team-building events come from. And we like to place orders with and support organisations that employ people with disabilities. Our excellent network of partners supplies us with fair-trade promotional articles, textiles and services. Helping makes both sides happy! Therefore we regularly support social projects. In 2016, we supplied 3 schools from Sri Lanka, including one taking care of 80 blind children, with a year‘s worth of teaching materials. Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts, we prefer to give goats to the Ashakiran Project (www.mallebrein.com). Plus, we regularly support a major charity (www.malteser.de). All this gives us extra motivation in our daily work.