Take over 300 corporate leaders from across the globe, put them in a business hotel in Geneva for the best part of a week in September and what do you get? The 2017 Dermatology Leaders Meeting!


At INNOTIO, we’re no strangers to large scale event management. In fact, it’s our bread and butter. Over the years we’ve build a great team to deliver every element needed to ensure that big corporate events are as impressive as they are insightful for attending delegates.


Let’s take a look at some of the elements which made this meeting a success. Firstly, the event had a clear theme, ‘Play to Win’. This enabled us to be creative with the setting, staging, and event atmosphere.


We filled the Plenary room with sports equipment, including a full-size basketball net and not one, but two running tracks!


Why did we do this? Because it’s important to create an interesting aesthetic, something people will remember when they leave and which differentiates our event from the numerous other conferences they attend each year.


The theme was clearly communicated throughout the event space – which dominated an entire floor within the Hotel. The main stage in plenary was the most impressive structure stretching right across the room and reaching high above the heads of our guests; And throughout the event, the speakers were beamed on to giant screens on each side of the stage for maximum visual effect.


The logistics of herding over 300 corporate professionals between multiple workshops and conference sessions may seem daunting, however, not when you know how. With a business partner, we also designed a bespoke mobile app specifically for the event which guests downloaded and received personalised information about where and when their chosen workshops were, gave them access to reams of collateral information to maximize attendance to this meeting and the following international congress.


This was further enhanced by clear signages throughout the space, and physical agendas cleverly integrated into each person’s event badge.


At the end of the day, as the final speakers closed the event, there was a buzz of excitement and gratitude from attending delegates, who as they filed out of the plenary were greeted with wine, soft drinks, and canapés – another small but important detail when creating a memorable event.


As soon as the main room was empty, our staging team got to work taking the impressive backdrop apart and reset the space for an other meeting the next day with a very different focus.


That’s the thing about event management – your job is never really over. As soon as one event ends, the planning for the next is quickly in full swing.


It’s safe to say this 2017 Leaders Meeting was a rousing success. We pushed the boundaries of what is possible within timeframes, budget and resources we were given and showed that INNOTIO has what it takes to lead the way in innovative and immersive event management.


If you’d like to find out more about what we do or how we could take your future events to the next level, email us at info@innotio.eu and we’d gladly have a chat.

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