„I can’t tell you what it is, I just don’t like it.“ Probably all designers have heard something similar at least once throughout their career.
This argument leaves the designer at a dead-end. There’s no accounting for taste. To avoid such situations, agency and customer should work with the method of “the Creative Brief” whenever it comes to creative processes.
A creative brief consists of different steps and aspects, such as the goal, the competition or the time schedule, which all need to be taken into account and discussed. It tells the customers at the beginning of a project that the agency has grasped their challenges and needs. Nothing is more important for a successful long-term partnership than really understanding your customer.
Because there are no shots in the dark with a creative brief, it has become an essential to our creative work. At INNOTIO, we formulate a plan in brief and understandable bullet points, explaining what we are going to do and why. Getting feedback on the planned procedures at this early stage allows us to adapt easily to what the customer really wants and needs, something that would be much harder on a finished product. Ensuring that everybody, who is involved in the process of developing the solution for the customer, is on the same page is also a huge benefit.
The book “Der Creative Brief” by Prof. Jo Wickert can be a very helpful guideline when a brief is put together, as it offers many use cases on how to apply the method. Ask our team about this book, we will be happy to get a copy sent out to you.