Project description

Appreciate and Implement the Client Brief


“We want to offer our guests an unforgettable event that they will remember with joy for a long time.” These were the words of our client during the initial briefing for a birthday weekend celebration on a castle at Lake Constance.


When we initiate the planning of an event, our first step is to understand exactly what our client wants to experience and what emotions should be evoked, allowing us to create a unique event tailored to their wishes. Bringing in our own experience and suggestions to refine their initial ideas is what guarantees a successful event and makes our service so valuable to any client.


The Big Picture


What makes the difference between a good and an extraordinary event is the story that is told. Based on the motto “You only have one chance to make a good first impression”, we worked with the client to develop a unique theme that engaged guests from the save the date communication released and stayed with them throughout the event. Bringing a common thread to every aspect of their celebration to fully immerse guests in the experience was a critical success factor.


The client told us about their love for travel and vintage. So naturally, we decided on a weekend of “Crossing the Land, Navigating the Water, Enjoying the Fresh Air,” taking the guests on a fantastic journey around and across Lake Constance and paying homage to various milestones in our clients’ and guests’ lives.



Cultivate Emotions


The emotions we cultivate are what breathe life into an event. Therefore, it is essential to understand exactly how our guests feel about their event and what atmosphere they envision, allowing us to carefully create an appropriate environment.


We quickly noticed how important it was for our client to re-unite with their friends again after a long time and to re-connect in a familiar and enjoyable atmosphere without many distractions. With a well-thought-out program, we managed the balancing act of setting a new benchmark for our client, creating lifelong memories for the guests and at the same time leaving plenty of time for conversation.


Celebrate in Style


To make the whole event come together and be a cohesive and immersive experience, we have a team of design professionals working in the background to create a visual experience carrying on and refining the story of the event. For our events, we place a high value on the interior design, decoration, and print materials reflecting the personality of the customer and building on the theme of the event. We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions, but instead create unique designs with a lot of attention and love for details.


You have a special occasion and are looking for a reliable and competent partner who will make your dreams come true? Do not hesitate to contact us for a tasteful, harmonious, and well-executed celebration that matches your ideas and personality.