Project description



We follow the approach that every aspect and detail counts for a perfect event, but there is no denying that the location has a special importance for the overall experience. Therefore, we build on trusted and collaborative partnerships with venues to provide the best possible experience for our clients, no matter whether we have worked with the venue before, or it is a new collaboration.


It is a proof of our reliable and qualitative work that for our latest event, a birthday weekend celebration on a castle at Lake Constance, we were recommended to the client by a venue where we already held another event.




The core of our efforts is the well-being of our clients and their guests. We make sure that everyone feels valued and welcome. The key is to be available and attentive, and at the same time give room and privacy.


When it comes to culinary experiences, our philosophy is that sharing a meal is all about gathering and creating a feeling of togetherness. That is why we attach great importance to creating the right atmosphere, which goes beyond mere catering.


For this event we were the main intermediary between the client and the service team and thereby managed to eliminate stress for the customer and at the same time, with clear briefings and an eye for every detail, to implement the wishes of the client to guarantee an excellent experience of hospitality.




Years of experience in the event business have led us to realize that there is no such thing as the “perfect location”. For this reason, we have made it our mission to come up with clever ways of perfectly accentuating the venue and its scenery, while at the same time finding elegant solutions for any constraints that might disrupt the flow of the event. Creating places of encounter and retreat for the guests that seamlessly fit into the overall picture is only possible through cooperation with the venue team to get the best out of the location.


Based on these experiences and principles, we designed different areas without our set-up becoming overwhelming or distracting from the beautiful scenery. Our guests were welcomed by a reception area that introduced the theme of the event and left them excited for more. We set-up a generous terrace with a lounge area, a professional photo booth, a cigar bar, and space for music and mingling. To maintain the excitement and open new perspectives for invited guests, the gala dinner was set up in another area of the location with a new terrace space and an ambient midnight snack served out of an airstream.


Life is simply too short for bad celebrations. If you are looking for the perfect team, in whose hands you can safely put your event, reach out to us!