Project description

Creating the right atmosphere

When it comes to activities we offer at our events, finding what brings joy to the clients and their guests, is at the core of our attention. Of course, the activities we plan always cater to the taste and lifestyle of our clients and encourage interaction among guests. These considerations guided us also at our last event, a birthday weekend celebration on a castle at Lake Constance In line with this “quality over quantity” approach and since it was the first re-union of our clients with their friends post COVID, it was more important than ever to animate a natural flow of interaction and communication. Careful preparations and a sense of the right timing ensured that everyone enjoyed activities offered.


Planning Activities


Preliminary discussions with the client revealed the passion for enjoying cigars.

When we came up with the idea to book two Cuban cigar artists, they were intrigued and eventually delighted about the unforgettable and unique experience.


We quickly learned that this client also has a passion for vintage. As a natural consequence, we organized, as a highlight of the program, a round trip on a beautiful historic steamboat on Lake Constance, including transfer in beautifully maintained and decorated vintage buses. For the journey back to the castle, we kept the same philosophy of traveling in style with classic stretch limousines.


With the united creativity and innovation of our team, we managed in a smart way to round off the program in a clever way with a down to earth midnight snack – German Currywurst served out of an American Airstream.


Thank You for the Music


The right music is essential to keep great memories of an event in the hearts of the guests. A multi-faceted ensemble of two bands and a DJ provided the right framing to entertain invited guests and round off the atmosphere without being intrusive.




For our clients the events often are a once in a lifetime experience. This means that documenting this with excellent photos or videos is critical to them. Our strong network of partners includes, among others, award-winning photographers with whom we have a long-standing trusted partnership and whose excellent work we can rely on to capture and preserve the best moments and memories of any of our events.


Once again it has been shown that listening carefully and reading between the lines is the key to a successful program. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your next special occasion, reach out to us!