Project description

Project Management


Relying on many years of experience in planning events, we have perfected efficient and goal-oriented project management. One point that sets us apart is that we specialize in finding the balance between tailoring the event to the wishes of our clientele on the one hand and providing new inspiration and ideas on the other. For this purpose, it is of crucial importance to regularly align with the clients, be responsive and constantly at their disposal. One principle that is ingrained in INNOTIO’s DNA and from which we will never deviate is fairness and transparency in all steps of planning and budgeting for our events. This did not go unnoticed by our clients, who expressed their gratitude for the reliable, transparent, and attentive partnership.


Event Management


It sounds like a given, but our diligent planning in advance really pays off for a seamless execution. Surely there are always contingencies on-site, but the flexibility, calmness, and solution-oriented style of our team helps us to overcome all unexpected challenges. This way, we can take stress away from client and allow them to fully immerse into their celebration.




To deliver a perfect event, we use our network of partners and suppliers, which we have built up over more than a decade in the event business. A celebration for our customers always means for us the reunion with our team that has grown together through years of collaboration. What unites us all is the love for what we do and the motivation to do it together. Inspiring and engaging leadership, manifesting itself in respect and gratitude to the effort of each team member, a culture of listening and sharing, and the principle that every member of the team contributes to success, lies at the core of our mission.


We believe that fair and respectful treatment is of fundamental importance and affects the quality and atmosphere of the whole event. Is it important to you that the corporate culture of your event agency is right and that your event is accompanied by a united and ambitious team? Then reach out to us!