Project description

In July, INNOTIO, delivered a ‘Take the Challenge’ corporate event and given its great success we can now say the challenge was well and truly accepted!


We recently produced an incredible virtual live event for a client with over 700 attendees, more than double the size of the July event. Insights and learnings were delivered over two days in four-hour sessions, run first in the mornings, then repeated in the afternoons.


This re-broadcast allowed a global audience to participate across all time zones on a state of the art platform via our 360-degree virtual room. With 30 laptops on 10 relay screens, kilometres of cables and hours of planning, the impeccable execution of this event was down to the tremendous efforts of our team and the collaboration with our client.


As a flexible boutique agency, our agility is one of our key strengths. Like all companies operating in these unprecedented times, our team has an ability to pivot. We think, understand and move quickly to adapt to our client’s needs, no matter how big or small, simple or complex the task, we always realise our client’s vision and exceed it.


If you have a scientific or corporate event you would like to run in the current environment, reach out to us and let us show you how you can challenge and engage your potential clients from the comfort of their chairs!