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At INNOTIO, we are always up for a new challenge. With only a few weeks of preparation, this four-day event has been a racer against time.

Beyond the usual creative concept, staging, remote participation management, pre-event communication and more, we were also in charge of the whole logistics & catering including finding out a networking activity few weeks before Christmas parties and after two years of pandemic.

We are proud to have been able to pull off this event and deliver a great experience to the attendees, both in-person and virtually and this despite all challenges we had to face.




Under such tight timelines a perfect collaboration with the client is key to not only efficiently advance in the planning phase but also throughout the event.

To make this event happen, we had to successfully cooperate with over 15 stakeholders besides the large client team to cover all aspects of the event. Over the 4 days, we coordinated the full run of show with one new AV team in 3 locations, including different set-up and restrictions. We also supervised 2 catering companies, 1 restaurant team and a networking location and activity.

It is quite normal for internal meetings, that changes are to be expected until the actual presentation starts meaning that several rehearsals, amends to presentations and client communication had to be managed every single day (and night).

But the team spirit won! We were able to solve last-minute challenges and unexpected changes, and all went very well.




An interesting part of this event was that we were also in charge of organizing memorable experiences for the onsite attendees to boost team bonding and encourage networking beyond the official meeting times.

From a cocktail dinatoire to a chain reaction teambuilding session, the time outside of the plenary was also at the center of the meeting. As we know by our own experience these moments are an integral part of any attendee satisfaction and the success of an event.

The most notable evening was without a doubt the team building activity during which participants had to create a giant chain reaction divided into smaller groups. This generated comprehensive cohesion and an excellent platform for creativity, greatly appreciated by the participants.

As said, sure we are proud to have been able to put this together in only 15 days time, but we are even happier to read the feedback from our client:

Thank you and your whole team for the last four days and for all the prep that went into it.  With again apologies for us not being as prepared as we should have been on our side and making you do even more work that the usual “going above and beyond” that you do! 

I hope you all now have a few days to rest.

 Congratulations to everyone for making it so smooth!

My personal thank you to your team, for being incredibly professional, kind and supportive throughout. Despite lots of changes and very tight timelines.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to support you on your events, reach out to us!