Project description

A  Medical Tutorial, especially in Rare Diseases, provides a great opportunity for non-specialists HCPs to meet with experts in the field with a focus on hands on presentations and case-study based discussions. Such meetings are usually hold at a Center of Excellence (CoE) specialized in the management of the disease in focus.


We just conducted such a Medical Tutorial in MOGAD at a CoE in Oxford, UK. Besides short introductory presentations by the faculty, the main focus was on discussing case studies, brought by attending delegates. Over more than 3 hours, they could share their challenges with the experts and get recommendations on potential next steps to confirm a diagnose or optimize treatment of their own patients.


Ensuring interactive and dynamic discussions is always making us feel good about the work we support. After all, it shows that such set up provides intensive insights and sharing of knowledge to support the next generation of treating clinicians.


“I am always impressed in an extremely positive way when I see such wonderful people, with suchexcitement and joy in working together” said one of our faculty members while delegates rated the tutorial as “Amazing and useful…with excellent case-based discussions”. This is when you go home, and you know your work made a difference.


Another aspect we consider in our events is sustainability. We have always made sure that our participation in meetings keeps the carbon footprint as low as possible, and we look for better solutions every time.


For this meeting we used Japanese binding and bamboo paper for the booklets, recycled material for the name badges and reusable roll-up banners.


We care about people and our environment, without losing sight of the focus of a successful event.