Project description

Sharing Knowledge in Unprecedented Times


Producing a large scientific and educational conference is an enormous task, at any time, but even more so in these unprecedented times. Now more than ever it is crucial that the medical community is given opportunities to share knowledge and new scientific evidence.


We recently showed our agility in delivering a virtual Summit which was originally intended to be live but ultimately took place in a fully virtual environment.


In preparing for this global summit on Hypoparathyroidism we worked closely with our medical client and a team of medical experts to coordinate content generation, editorial review, design of all side activities including the streaming platform.


Over 300 health care professionals from around the globe attended the virtual Summit which took place in 4 sessions, split over 2 days. Attending delegates could easily participate, ask questions, poll and vote and hot topics in the field were addressed by a global panel of over 20 faculty members.


Additionally, our state of the art 360-degree virtual Learning Zone allowed delegates to view any sessions they missed and enhance their knowledge in this disease area.


We always love to receive feedback from delegates to understand their experience of virtual meetings and here is what we heard: “Kudos for a fabulous virtual Summit! In virtually every way, the program was outstanding. To have so many experts provide such informative and up to date presentations and all keeping to the time constraints was truly amazing” (HCP attending delegate)