MAY 2019 | Corporate events

It Is About Time

At innotio, we enjoy a challenge and what could be more challenging than to seamlessly execute two conferences in a row? We’ve just returned from Munich where the innotio team did just that. The first meeting saw attendees from the world of medical representatives and moved swiftly to a large-scale Go-to-Launch which played host to attendees from over 40 countries around the globe.

Our team shone once again through a combination of focus, tenacity, and boundless creativity combined with over a decade of execution experience.

Here is a snippet of our contribution:

We provided the concept of the staging for the medical meeting. The room presented challenges with a low ceiling; multiple columns restricting views to the stage and daylight streaming in on three sides.

Our solution was to avoid a flat backdrop but instead to create staging with layers and special projection areas plus a talk show scenario which was implemented for interactive panel discussions.

Dynamic tables were branded with the meeting theme and held treats of all kinds to keep delegates engaged throughout the sessions. These details set the scene for learning and sharing, providing just the right environment for optimum engagement.

Over 100 delegates also appreciated our small exhibition in the break area, providing additional opportunities to network during the conference. The booths were individually designed for each team with iPads and touchscreens adding digital learning platforms.

Following this successful initial event, over 300 attendees from more than 40 countries converged in a second meeting location to begin the larger of the two events. Despite the large scale of the space, it held its challenges. We began with a blank slate and used our biggest and best quality – our creativity – to brand the room, achieving a real WOW factor.

Our stage design team set out to make the staging more than just a vehicle for delivering a message. We wanted it to be a talking point in itself. Using mapping on the side of a 20-meter LED screen, innotio teamed up with the client AV partner to conceive and provide content to meeting openers, transitions, and jingles, in addition to side-mapping over 3 days with a different core branding every day. The client’s AV partner helped us bring this concept to life with great animations and dazzling graphics.

An essential part of any successful meeting is the breakouts. On day three, all 300 delegates split into six groups and attended highly specified training with a large group of presenters.

We transformed the room overnight, erecting six inflatable walls and reset the room with branded cardboard stools. Borrowing from the idea of the ‘silent disco’, we provided 300 museum headset systems to enable each presenter on his own “island” to engage with delegates seamlessly and silently. The room was quiet and peaceful while 300 guests were learning intensely from each other.

Besides the plenary room, the innotio team also supported an exhibition, an interactive message wall, and a photo booth with a new backdrop each day.

Over the three-day meeting, 10 workshops took place in various locations and innotio transformed each meeting space into a creative setting, including the coordination and delivery of the consumables for a smooth transition from meeting room to workshops.

Last but not least, innotio secured the overall branding of the meeting in a large number of side items including badges, awards, conference booklets, and a meeting app.

In addition to all of this, we supported a donation from the client to three patient associations by distributing “Odd Sox” to all delegates. A big thank you to Mr. Monkey Sox for their work and their cooperation here!

Working on events like this is enormously rewarding. Even more so when our client is moved to write this kind of feedback. We can only express our gratitude to all partners who supported the execution pre-event and on-site and be proud of our team: “I want to truly thank you for the creative and such well-run GTL for us this week. Having done so many launch meetings throughout my career, I am always so impressed by your creative and driving spirit!  You truly did a great job for us!