JUNE 2024 | Corporate events

Mastering the Moment: A Corporate Event to Remember

We recently cooperated with a client to set up a 1.5-day event for over 90 international attendees. The corporate/brand meeting balanced plenary talks, panel discussions, posters session, and workshops and provided a platform for attending delegates to connect in person for the first time ever and to “POWER UP” and accelerate their brand launch in Europe and beyond.

To set up this event, we closely worked with our client to develop the meeting concept, branding, and detailed agenda. Our design team also created all materials needed for a smooth onsite logistics.

We also supported the pre-event logistics management, including the digital event platform, registrations, hotel liaisons, transfers, dinner venues, and catering. Our full onsite support over three days ensured everything ran like clockwork.

All in all, our detailed pre-event planning, innovative offered meeting solutions, and sustainable practices created an unforgettable experience for the client and its invitees.

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