DECEMBER 2023 | Scientific conferences

MOGAD Masterclass

In the heart of Oxford, on December 1, 2023, the first-ever Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease (MOGAD) Masterclass took place in person.

It was a big deal for medical progress, bringing together 85 attendees from 13 countries. The goal was simple: deepen delegates’ understanding of the disease, all under the theme of “Advancing Expertise in Understanding MOGAD.”

Global Collaboration & Cutting-Edge Insights

This scientific and educational conference unfolded through a dynamic series of plenary sessions, seamlessly transitioning into engaging Q&A exchanges that facilitated interactive discussions. With an esteemed panel of 12 global MOGAD experts, this Masterclass covered broad themes including MOGAD basic pathology, proposed diagnostic criteria, and biomarkers. It also reviewed the latest advancements in diagnostics, MRI, and ophthalmological features of MOGAD, and provided a deep dive into the impact of the disease on children and women of childbearing age. With this, the Masterclass gave some consideration to the future direction of MOGAD patient management.

Organization, Last-Minute Adjustments, and Excellence

The success of this Masterclass was the result of meticulous planning and execution spanning over a year. Every detail, from faculty management to logistical arrangements and the integration of comprehensive tools, was carefully orchestrated to guarantee a seamless and memorable experience for all participants.

Our team adeptly navigated last-minute changes caused by unforeseen circumstances that impacted several faculty members’ ability to join the meeting. Despite these challenges, solutions were swiftly implemented to maintain the promised program without compromising quality.

As we reflect on the immediate success of the Masterclass, we are genuinely excited about the future. Feedback from participants, filled with valuable thoughts and suggestions, affirms the event’s accomplishment. These positive outcomes position us for even more impactful collaborations and advancements in the collective pursuit of medical excellence.

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