AUGUST 2022 | Corporate events

One Trail to Blaze

At the core of our mission at innotio lies the goal to make each meeting unique and memorable. Especially for this event, where attendees met again after a long period of virtual interactions with peers, it was our ambition to make the reunion a truly special moment.

To also create a memorable event for those who were not able to attend in person, we organized and hosted the conference in a hybrid setting. This allowed for 16 additional countries to participate which makes us happy to see that through our efforts even more delegates from all over the world could be part of something meaningful and unifying.

It goes without saying that challenges arose in the planning phase but thanks to bright minds, solution-oriented experts, and a united team spirit, we mastered them behind the scene and went home with a lot of new experiences and learnings!


Let’s take a literal look behind the scenes at what happened… Arriving on-site, we realized that the dimensions of the plenum did not match the room plans by 60 cm in height. What doesn’t sound like much at first makes a world of difference when the stage, lighting, and sound systems are precisely planned and coordinated around our LED projection area.

True to our company motto “Solutions & Executions”, we combined forces to come up with a solution to this and managed to accommodate the 23-meter LED screen into the room. Our efforts paid off, offering attendees in person and virtually a great visual experience without anyone being able to guess about pre-set challenges.


Truth be told, at the end of the day it’s the breaks and joint breakout sessions that bring the participants together again after such a long period of interacting only remotely. Ensuring that the virtual audience gets involved and feels part of the meeting as much as the onsite audience is a key winning aspect of any virtual/hybrid event.

By creating dedicated content to keep virtual attendees informed about the event timeline, we were able to keep them on average for about 7 hours on the live stream which equals about 95% of the time the stream was available for them. Additionally, the meeting app allowed remote attendees’ questions to be answered in the same way as for onsite delegates. Small details like being able to virtually clap for all sessions and to virtually connect with peers, make all the difference and give virtual participants the feeling of being there up close.


Last but not least, everyone loves a bit of competition among colleagues and what could be more obvious than to boost the pre-meeting engagement with a fun little challenge?

The engagement started 8 weeks before the event with weekly communications challenging the attendees to interact with their peers ahead of the event and rewarding the most active one for their commitment.

Launching a meeting app this early from an event and during the summer break was a risky move and it paid off thanks to clever incentives and captivating communication: Our strategy not only ensured early app activations but also extended the excitement about a one-day meeting to several weeks for those attendees who took part in the pre-event activities. More than fifty percent of the attendees had already accessed the meeting app before the actual day of the event, generating more than 6000 interactions.

Our competition ended on the day of the event celebrating the most engaged individuals and countries and showing all participants that effort, openness, and enthusiasm pay off.

This is what our client team said after the event:

THIS WAS AMAZING, despite participating only online. The agenda, the slides, the technique, the re-recordings, the energy… and and and. I am fascinated. Your team is simply the best. So efficient in cooperating during the project and with such a great outcome… WOW. That’s a hard work behind.

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