Project description

In December 2020, the INNOTIO team executed their last virtual product launch of the year with over 800 attendees from more than 85 countries.


Under the theme of “POWER WITHIN YOUR REACH”, the team demonstrated once more its agility to accommodate client last minute requests and built a full studio to welcome selected presenters, including senior management members from the company, as well as a lot of live sessions with team members from several European countries, USA, Canada, Latin America and Australia.


We also conceived and designed our state-of-the-art 3600 virtual exhibition booth to enable delegates to access easily all core materials to prepare for local launches and ensured to keep the engagement high with live virtual yoga and fitness masterclasses at break times.


Last but not least, our meeting app ensured that any question from anyone in the world would be addressed in the panel discussions and that our remote delegates would keep engaging and sharing their local perspectives for this launch. Our Power Challenge Leaderboard kept very dynamic until the very end!


2020 brought a wealth of new opportunities, built on our trusted relationships, to extend boundaries and exceed in a new world of scientific and corporate events. We are now ready to take your new challenges in 2021!