Project description

March 2021


During the Covid-19 pandemic, one focus of the INNOTIO team has been to deliver scientific conferences for our healthcare/pharmaceutical clients to allow health care professionals to engage with experts in a therapeutic field which they have historically done at live meetings.


From our experience, we know the devil is in the detail, so that’s what we focus on! We take care of our clients’ every need across all details of the conference’s production to ensure a successful and smooth event.


For a Global Symposium, we worked in collaboration with a streaming provider from our client and supervised faculty co-ordination for content generation, editorial review, overall meeting design of all side activities as well as the streaming platform design and content

Over 900 healthcare professionals from more than 60 countries registered to this scientific meeting which took place in three sessions over two days. Delegates could easily participate via the streaming platform and hot topics in the field of Lysosomal Storage Disorders were discussed by a international panel of 20 faculty members.


As events are delivered virtually, the content made available to delegates online has vastly increased. For this meeting for example, we conceived, designed and built a 360-degree virtual room to host pre event presentations’ highlights, hot topics literature summaries, posters and sessions’ teasers.


Right after the event we also made available the videos from the live event for on-demand view in a in genuine virtual space enabling visitors to easily navigate and (re)view what matters most to them. Extending the duration of such global scientific conferences in these unprecedented times just make it an even simpler for busy HCPs to keep on with hot topics in the field, while managing their daily priorities and focus on patients.


When post meeting, a Scientific Steering Committee member shares with you the following, you know what we do is just worth it: “The organization from INNOTIO was outstanding in every way and the standard was so high technically. You all accommodated our wishes with brilliance and aplomb.”