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Get to know who’s behind “INNOTIO”. From creative sparks to meticulous planners, we’re dedicated to make your projects truly special.


With unwavering dedication, efficiency mastery, and tasteful elegance, not only transforms projects into labors of love but also embraces cultural adventures and surprises, embodying the heart and soul of INNOTIO as its founder and CEO.


Fluent in German and English, stands as an eagle-eyed perfectionist with unmatched passion for details, possessing unparalleled attention to detail and a meticulous approach.
Her impeccable communication, coupled with great empathy, and writing skills that outshine any attempt by AI, define her unique strengths.


Fluent in German, Croatian, and English, is a Zen Patience ambassador who navigates the tech landscape with finesse. Her personal connections, unyielding motivation, and determination in conquering challenging tasks showcase her multifaceted abilities.


Fluent in French and English, radiates positivity, excels in skillful multitasking, spreads contagious laughter, and effortlessly builds connections, embodying a joyful and dynamic presence.


Fluent in French and English, emerges as a go-getter, mastering tasks with the speed of light, shining brighter under pressure, and unfolding potentials with surgical precision, showcasing an innovative spirit and relentless drive.


Fluent in German and English, shines as an empathetic connector with outstanding patience, positivity infusion in challenges, and unwavering focus in task precision, defining her as a compassionate and dedicated team member.

From our core team...

...to our skilled medical specialists, diligent compliance experts, creative multimedia professionals, and meticulous production teams, we are committed to empowering you to realize your vision through a diverse range of services, fostering your journey towards unparalleled success.


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