Content generation

From proof of concept to launched brands, we specialize in upholding exemplary standards in medical and educational writing. With an emphasis on rare diseases, our expertise spans many other therapeutic areas.

Our comprehensive services encompass medical brand planning, scientific communication platforms, congress abstracts, posters, publications, collaborative projects like DELPHI or Consensus initiatives, advertorials and newsletters (both internal and external), scientific conference write-ups, training manuals, and more.

Medical writing

We specialize in transforming complex clinical data into concise abstracts, visually compelling scientific posters, impactful oral presentations, infographics and publications.

Medical plans, communication platforms

We generate tailored medical plans strategically designed to guide your brand initiatives throughout its life cycle. Our comprehensive plans encompass key activities such as engaging key opinion leaders, developing publication strategies, facilitating medical education, and orchestrating evidence generation efforts. Furthermore, we offer dynamic scientific platforms that function as centralized hubs for exchanging scientific knowledge within your field or community. These platforms form the educational and scientific foundation aligned with your medical plans, offering carefully crafted messages and supporting data to enhance the further execution of any tactic.


Omnichannel communication

Our medical writers and creative designers collaborate closely to produce editorials, newsletters, Veeva-triggered emails, conference write-ups and more. We consistently deliver high-quality content that resonates with the medical community, provides comprehensive answers to their questions, or design motivational newsletters for internal teams. We also ensure that this content is presented in the right format and timing, strategically crafted to leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Immersive mechanism of disease (MOD) videos

Our team of 3D medical animators and creative directors boasts extensive expertise in human anatomy, biology, and medical knowledge. Together, they work hand in hand to ensure scientific accuracy and design excellence in depicting disease mechanisms. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and the latest medical insights, we collaborate closely with clients to craft visually stunning and precise 3D medical animations, unlocking the potential of Mechanism of Disease (MOD) and Mode of Action (MoA) animations. These animations serve as indispensable tools for achieving best-in-class market readiness and educational outreach. They succinctly unravel disease origins, aiding physicians, patients, and educational institutions in grasping complex medical concepts. Furthermore, they lay the groundwork for understanding how a product influences disease processes post-launch, empowering healthcare providers and patients to make informed treatment decisions.


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