Scientific conferences

Transform your scientific vision into reality with our expertise in orchestrating seamless educational conferences.

From planning to live/hybrid/virtual execution, we ensure the science takes center stage.

Our portfolio includes medical tutorials, masterclasses, symposia (CME, non CME), standalone events and more; all designed to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Medical tutorials

Medical Tutorials are designed to mainly foster disease and diagnosis awareness in an intimate setting, catering to small groups of attending physicians. These educational events prioritize case studies and hands-on/simulations engagement to enhance understanding and facilitate knowledge sharing. Our Medical Tutorials bring together panels of experts, usually from a center of excellence in a given disease, and delegates who contribute with their challenging own cases. This format ensures a balance between plenary sessions and lively case-based discussions.


Masterclasses, standalones

Masterclasses and industry sponsored standalones unite renowned international disease experts with active healthcare professionals, exploring the latest scientific and clinical advancements in specific therapeutic fields. Spanning from one to three days, these conferences offer dynamic platforms that encourage meaningful discussions among participants. Crafted around plenary sessions, smaller group breakouts, engaging panel discussions, and debates, they aim to enhance knowledge among attendees, providing a rich learning experience for all involved. Our expertise covers live, hybrid and fully virtual conferences.



An industry (CME or non CME) symposium could be loosely explained as a mini-conference within a conference. These symposia convene experts in specific fields to discuss pertinent papers and topics, as well as to analyze associated issues and trends in the given selected disease. Findings from a symposium can also be used to help others within the field of research and stimulate peers to seek new knowledge. Typically sponsored by industry or organized with a grant from a sponsor, symposia feature presentations or case study-based panel discussions, spanning 60 to 90 minutes. A well-attended and engaging session is crucial for the success of these educational events, which usually run concurrently with others of similar nature.


Experts’ meetings

Advisory boards can be conducted either live or virtually, offering valuable opportunities to gather insights, seek opinions, and receive recommendations from leading experts within a specific therapeutic area. This process ensures the acquisition of relevant input to inform and drive medical affairs strategies effectively. We support your team from A to Z on this process.


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