NOVEMBER 2022 | Scientific conferences

Global Symposium on Lysosomal Disorders (GSLSD)

Scientific and educational conferences are crucial to give the medical community opportunities to share knowledge and new scientific evidence. We at innotio think that this is something that matters. In 2022, we were allowed to organize the 12th edition of a Global Symposium on Lysosomal Disorders.

At the current time, to bring together as many HCPs as possible to this educational meeting, it needed to be hybrid. Therefore, in preparation for this Symposium, we worked closely with our client and a team of scientific experts to coordinate a monthly communication plan, support content generation, and conceive and design all side activities adapted for both in-person and hybrid audiences.

With over 200 virtual registered attendees and around 80 in-person participants from over 30 different countries, the streaming platform, as well as the meeting app were essential tools to engage both audiences in this intense program of 4 sessions, split over 3 days. Through the meeting app, all delegates could easily receive further information, participate, and ask questions to a global panel of 18 faculty members.

Additionally, our virtual environment, the GSLSD2022CELL, allowed participants to access presentations’ highlights and even view any session they might have missed post-meeting.

It is when receiving feedback like “The organization was excellent and the scientific program outstanding. I learned a lot, and the informal atmosphere you created facilitated the establishment of new, and I hope, very fruitful collaborations among LSD research groups.” you know your work has made a difference.