SEPTEMBER 2019 | Corporate events

Together, Today, Tomorrow

With over 250 attendees and a packed agenda over two days, we employed a strategy that would keep the energy levels high and the attention laser-focused on content.

The theme was “TOGETHER, TODAY, TOMORROW” and this was kept at the core of every creative component for a cohesive meeting identity over 21 themed breakout rooms, gala evening entertainment, and the main plenary sessions.

Starting with a Bang

How do you grab the attention of attendees from the get-go? We started by presenting them with an empty floor space and giant puzzle pieces. The attendees worked together to create the campaign-branded puzzle that became the main seating area for all 250 guests. The final pieces that spelled out the word ‘together’ were set in place by the team heads. The flexibility of yoga cushions instead of chairs for the first 90 minutes enabled an informal structure for a strong meeting opening.

A simple but elegant plenary room design conceived and designed by our creative team rounded the opening.

Workshop Spaces Like No Other

We created immersive-themed workshop spaces to fully brand the room and encourage dynamic discussions. Using a lounge atmosphere style with props pillows, fresh flowers, puzzles, and designer furniture to flesh out the campaign theme, the result was a transformation of a simple room from a seating area to an experience. Each detail was hand-selected and set in place by us right down to the last flower.

Dinner with a Difference

The evening plans incorporated a unique celebration where in an ultimate display of togetherness, all 250 delegates created a very special moment using 250 flowers for a leadership member moving up to her next career step. The entire room was used to create the spectacle. When you see your clients overwhelmed with emotion, you know you’ve done something right.

Now we are packed up and ready to tackle our next challenge head-on!